Bloodstock Agents

I like this quote a lot especially as it relates to bloodstock. You don’t pay a bloodstock agent or trainer to look at a horse for you. You are paying them to look at that horse through the lens of the thousands of other horses they have already seen in their experience and give you their best assessment of the horse’s physical/walk/mind based on that knowledge.

Similarly, you don’t work with a bloodstock advisor to plan a specific mating. You work with them because of their years of knowledge of knowing how to look at pedigrees, what has worked and what hasn’t, and their ability to predict where the market/trends are going with certain stallions and in that mare’s female family. So as a breeder, after you spend 3 years of time, a minimum of 3 acres (3 years of land allocation at an acre per year), and thousands of dollars bringing that foal to market, there’s a chance it might actually be worth something when it goes through the sales ring.

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Peregrine Bloodstock provides in depth analysis of horse racing pedigree to clients in Australia and internationally. Our work provides clients with peace of mind and confidence when in pursuit of purchasing elite racehorses.

This is Fifty Stars is  a pedigree ‘A’ now a Group 1 winner



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