About us

Michael Hibbs has been involved in the thoroughbred industry for over 35 years and has been training racehorses for 25 of those, having great success with stakes performed horses such as Minson, Volitant, Light Express, Validator, Langridge Street, Keeping Score etc…

Peregrine Bloodstock was launched by Michael five years ago when he identified a unique trend in top racing pedigrees. “It really has been a life long study of what has worked over the years and how it can be improved.  I started noticing trends that kept on happening worldwide and the whole process has flowed on from there.”

Having  both trainers and breeders with small numbers, as well as high profile clients already on board who are taking advantage on what is offered,  we are able to serve a broad spectrum of persons owning from one horse to one hundred plus.

We are proud to offer our services to anyone interested in the pursuit of finding an elite racehorse.

This is Avantage a pedigree ‘A’ and a Group 1 winner



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