Updated Timeform ratings for 2 & 3 year olds in Australia

Hello I wanted to put forward my results from an analytic point of view.    As I have only been doing unique elite ratings on pedigrees for two years now I am pleased to provide the results in the top 20 in the 2 yr old & 3 yr old categories in Australia for this racing season

2 yr olds

3. Oohood a B

4. Sandbar a B

7. Bondi a B

8 Aylmerton a B

8 The Autumn Sun a A

12. Long Leaf a B

16. Advantage a A

20 Pure Elation a B

20 Tchaikovsky a B

3 yr olds

4. Menari a B

6. Ace High a B

6. Merchant Navy a B

6 D’Argento a B

6. Levendi a B

6. Pierata a B

12 Pariah a B

12 Showtime a B

12 The Taj Mahal a A

12 Unforgotten a A


I am really excited about the results as I cannot keep stressing elite horse keep being elite  and the stats keep proving it.





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