Early time form rating analysis for September 2018

3 yr olds

5 Miss Fabulass a B

7 Brutal a B

9 Sandbar a B

11 Long Leaf a B

11 Tarka a B

14 Fiesta a B

20 Performer a B

4 yr olds

2 Pierata a B

6 Ace High a A

7 Showtime a B

11 Avilius a B

11 The Taj Mahal a A

11 Unforgotten a A

14 Homesman a B

14 Siege of Quebec a B

18 Orderofthegarter a A

18 Youngstar a A

20 Our Venice Beach a A

An amazing result again for the start of the year again the elite stats do not lie and with my system you could potentially have the same results.   This is very exciting.

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