Australian race result analysis 20th October 2018


Race 2 Winner a B


Gothic Stakes LR: Third a B

Alinghi Stakes LR: Winner a B

Ladbrokes Classic G3: Winner a B, Third a B

Moonga Stakes G3: Third a B


Race 1 Third a B

Race 4 Winner a A

Race 6 Winner a A


Race 2 Winner a B

Race 6 Third a A


Race 1 Third a B

Race 2 Second a A

Race 5 Second a B

Brian Crowley LR:  Second a B

Race 8 Third a B

Race 9 Winner a B


Race 1 Winner a B


Race 1 Winner a B

Race 2 Second a B

Race 8 Winner a B

***Please note at Caulfield that I have only done the stats on horses up to 4 yr olds around the world at this stage but I will show you the significance of my system in the older european horses this week as follows

Coongy Handicap G3:  Dead Heat Winner a A,  Equal winner a A

Caulfield Cup G1: Winner a A, Second a B, Third a A




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