Analysis of Australian Timeform ratings October 2018

2 yr olds

3 Catch Me a A

5 Rome a B

3 yr olds

1. The Autumn Sun a A

3 Sesar a B

10 Amphitrite a A

10 Sanbar a B

14 Miss Fabulass a B

14 Oohood a B

14 Thinking Big a B

19 Fiesta a B

4 yr olds

1 Best Solution a A

1 Pierata a B

4 Yucatan a B

9 Homesman a B

11 Ace High a A

12 Avilius a B

12 D’Argento a B

12 The Cliffs of Moher a A

12 The Taj Mahal a A

16 Youngstar a A

17 Shoals a B

17 Showtime a B

19 Mighty Boss a B

19 Spirit of Valor a B

Hugely significant results again from Peregrine Bloodstock’s system which clearly shows that there is a system in  a pursuit of an elite racehorse.


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