Why do elite keep becoming elite?

I want to draw your attention to last years Spring Racing and an example of racing in the Northern Hemisphere.    I am here to tell you all that it is in the Pedigree.

From an analytical point of view,  I have collated stats and the results are phenomenal.

What I am finding is that the elite keep being elite! (as long as the are being breed correctly).

Some examples from this Spring,

The Autumn Son  five time Group 1 winner is rated a A in the rating system as he is by an elite sire out of an elite dam sire with an elite nick.

Amphitrite  Winner of the Group 1 Thousand Guineas is rated a A,  being by and elite sire out of a elite dam sire with an elite nick.

Savvy Coup  Winner of the Livamol Classic Group 1 rated a A, being by an elite sire out of an elite dam sire and out of an elite nick.

There are also other examples for this Spring.  Best Solution winner of the Caulfield Cup G1, Cross Current winner of the Melbourne Cup G1 and Oohood winner of the G1 Flight Stakes.

Touching also on Justify,  recent winner of the American Triple Crown now into legendary status.  The analysis from the Northern Hemisphere this year looking at Justify’s pedigree,  he is a B in the rating systems being again by an elite stallion out of an elite broodmare sire.

There has just been the NZB Ready to Run sale,  which is the best sale of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere and the top ten purchases are by elite stallions.

This system keeps on working.    There is an unique way of looking at pedigree stats which is causing these gems to consistently appear.

This is not luck but real fact from data.

I am happy to talk with anyone who wants assistance in finding and or breeding an elite racehorse.


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