Updated Australian Timeform ratings January 2019

2 yr olds

6.   Brooklyn Hustle is a B

8.   Catch Me is a A

10. Rome is a B

15. Art Collection is a B

15. Espaaniyah is a B

15. Vinicunca is a B

3 yr olds 

1.   The Autumn Sun is a A

2.   Cross Counter is a A

3.    Arcadia Queen is a A

4.    Latrobe is a A

6.    Rostropovich is a B

6.    Sesar is a B

15.  Sandbar is a B

20.  Miss Fabulass is a B

20.  Thinkin” Big is a B

4 yr olds

1.    Benbatl is a B

2.    Best Solution is a A

2.     Pierata is a B

4.     Yucatan is a B

9.     Homesman is a B

12.   Ace High is a A

14.   Avilius is a B

14.   D’argento is a A

14.    Finche is a B

14.    Thecliffsofmoher is a A

14.    The Taj Mahal is a A

19.    Youngstar is a A

Outstanding results are apparent with Peregrine Bloodstocks pedigree system again the stats don’t lie.   If you are serious about finding an elite racehorse contact me.



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