Australian Timeform analysis results February 2019

2 Yr olds

11. Captivating Claire is a A

11. Vinicunca is a B

18. Brooklyn Hustle is a B

3 Yr olds

1.  The Autumn Sun is a A

2.  Cross Counter is a A

3.  Arcadia Queen is a A

5. Latrobe is a B

8. Rostropovich is a B

8. Sesar is a B

11. Furrion is a B

20. Sanbar is a B

4 Yr olds

1.  Benbatl is a B

2. Best Solution is a A

2. Pierata is a B

10. Homesman is a B

12. Ace High is a A

14. Avilius is a B

14. D’argento is a B

14. Finche is a B

14. Cliffsofmaher is a A

14. The Taj Mahal is a A

19. Fifty Stars is a A

19. Youngstar is a A

What is the most interesting is how many of these top 20 horses in Australia in each of the following categories that are listed are out of elite broodmare sires as an example 2 yrs olds 7/20 3 yr olds 14/20 & 4 yr olds 10/20

Very significant when you are looking for elite!!



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