Updated Australian Timeform ratings for June 2019

2 yr olds

4. Bellevue Hill is a B

9. Lyre is a B

9. Tenly is a B

20 Fortress Command is a B

 3 yr olds

1 The Autumn Sun is a A

2 Cross Counter is a A

5 Arcadia Queen is a A

6 Angel of Truth is a B

9 Latrobe is a B

9 Sunlight is a B

13 Rosropovich is a B

13 Sesar is a B

17 Furrion is a B

4 yr olds

1 Benbatl is a B

2 Best Solution is a A

2 Pierata is a B

4. Kementari is a A

5 Yucatan is a B

10 Homesman is a B

10 Trekking is a A

13 Ace High is a A

15 Avilius is a B

15 Finche is a B

15 Thecliffsofmoher is a A

15 The Taj Mahal is a A




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