Elite Broodmare Sires

As we head into another sales season there is always and will always be alot of talk about what is the right way to tackle or where to find an elite racehorse.    While there is no absolute formula I feel that we can head in the right direction to finding further glues with this information being  presented.

I want to draw attention to the absolute importance of the broodmare scenario in the thoroughbred industry.  This is very apparent in both hemispheres.

Probably to be more precise elite broodmare sires and the significance of which should never be downplayed.   The more and more that I delve into the data the more glaring that this really does become.

Just take a minute to take this in.

I have just completed the updated Timeform ratings in Australia which lists the top twenty horses in each division which have raced in Australia for the 2018/19 racing season.

The divisions are as follows a two  year old division, a three year old division, a four year old division and a five year old plus division.   These are the greatest and best performed horses for this season.

In the system I have devised their is a formula that constitutes what elite broodmare sire is.   This is a very difficult thing to do but there are some broodmare sires out there that have achieved it.  And they continue to keep doing the same.   Why?, because  elite keeps becoming elite.  The stats don’t lie.

Broodmare sires such as Galileo, Zabeel, Redoute’s Choice, Street Cry, Exceed and Excel, and Bernadini are just to name a few these broodmare sires that are in the elite status.

Like there counterparts elite sires, these broodmare sires also seem to have the prepotency to overcome even moderately performed sires.   There are also broodmare sires such as Dubai Destination etc that are not elite sires but have excelled as elite broodmare sires because I believe that they carry on there genetics.

There are even elite sires in there own right such as the ones spoken above who are also  elite broodmare sires which makes them mighty prepotent and should be very well sought after.

Upon compiling the latest data it has revealed that in the two year old classification that seven out of the top twenty are from elite broodmare sires.   In the three year old classification eleven out of the top twenty and the four year old classification eleven out of the top twenty are again out of elite broodmare sires.

These numbers are hugely significant as the horses on these lists as they are the best horses in Australia at the moment and testimony to how important elite broodmare sires are.

When considering your next purchase be it either a broodmare, weanling, yearling etc it might be just the thing to ask yourself whether I should invest in an elite broodmare sire or not.

Again it is all about trying to cut down your odds of finding a horse that can make you dreams come true.   Do your due diligence or try to find someone who can give you the information so you really can  make a more informed decision.



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